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Social Media Scape Goat

TweetSocial media has been getting a lot of flack in recent times.  The most recent being Facebook citied as a reason for the growing number of UK divorces.  Not forgetting all the rioting last year causing Blackberry Messenger and Twitter some … Continue reading

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Nature vs Nurture

TweetWhich camp do you belong to? I’m definitely all for nurture (and I should say that my views aren’t based on anything scientific, just my own observations). Genetics must play some part in our personality, but who’s to say that … Continue reading

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Young and Indian and On The Telly

TweetI have to say, I was pretty excited when Frieda Pinto recently became a L’Oreal girl. At last, an Indian girl on mainstream advertising!  I think it’s safe to label that: progress. As a young (culturally confused) British Indian whose … Continue reading

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