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What Makes You British?

TweetBack in January I blogged about having a mixed and somewhat confused cultural identity. I got quite a lot of feedback about it, online and offline, and it certainly seemed to resonate with people. Being British but not ‘looking’ British … Continue reading

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Religion and Respect

TweetIf I was a vegetarian and my family or friends kept sending me recipes for shepherd’s pie and roast chicken, chances are I’d probably get a tiny bit annoyed. ┬áChances are, this probably wouldn’t happen at all because the meat-eaters … Continue reading

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Channel 4′s Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder

TweetLast night I watched Channel 4′s Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder and was truly struck by it. Quick snapshot: Mr Wallace is a single man living in his deceased parents’ bungalow in a quintessentially English village in Surrey. He is a hoarder … Continue reading

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Would You Lie to Me?

TweetWe’re more likely to lie when texting as opposed to communicating face-to-face, via video or audio, according to some recent research by the University of Columbia. So much of how we communicate now allows you to depict your reality in … Continue reading

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