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What’s in a Name?

TweetThere’s a debate going on at the moment about whether doctors and GPs should be allowed to use the word ‘obese’ when informing their patients that they are, in fact, medically obese*. At first I thought this was yet another … Continue reading

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Great British Advertising

TweetI work in marketing land where we talk about things like targeted segmentation, optimised ad spend, cross-channel attribution and use endless acronyms such as CMS, USP and MQL all day long. I don’t often blog about work stuff. But yesterday … Continue reading

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The Church and Gay Marriage

TweetThere’s been lots of stuff in the media lately about the Catholic church’s views on marriage, and more specifically, gay marriage. I’m constantly amazed that this organisation of mostly celibate men, who are not married and do not have children, … Continue reading

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