Which Olympic Team Do You Support?

The other day, someone talking to me referred to the Indian team at the Olympics as ‘your lot’. Naturally, me being me, this aroused all kinds of questions in my head about identity.

Long story short: Yes, I am ethnically Indian. But I was born in London and have lived in the UK all my life. I have been to India a total of two times. I don’t speak any Indian languages, but I do make a mean curry (if I do say so myself). Basically – I’m a bit culturally confused.

(‘Confused’ sounds a bit negative. But actually, I just have a bit of a mixed cultural identity – and that’s OK!)

I don’t think referring to the Indian team as ‘your lot’ is such a terrible thing. It must make sense to any observer (unless you’re also faintly brown and born in the UK, in which case you might know what I mean!).  The trouble is, I am British and support Team GB.


Every now and then at work, conversations will crop up referring to ‘Indian-related’ subjects – you know, cricket, arranged marriages, how to wear a sari etc – and the attention is automatically directed at me.

Unfortunately, I’m generally none the wiser. If only I could be more Indian!

I wonder if, when the Somali Olympic team are playing, anyone asks Mo Farah about ‘his lot’?

Probably not. (But I bet they’re all thinking it).

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