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Survival Skills

TweetRight now, we’re in a unique place in time. The world is changing around us at immense speed, faster than it ever has done before. ‘Survival of the fittest’ still rings trues, but the skills we need to survive have … Continue reading

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Culture Clash: Millionaire Boy Racers

TweetDid you catch Millionaire Boy Racers on Channel 4 last week? Worth a watch if you’re interested in super cars or cultural issues or both. The documentary explores the relatively new phenomenon of rich-Arab-twenty-something-boy-racers coming over to London for a … Continue reading

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In Defence of Secularisation

TweetI’m always amazed when I hear people pointing the finger at secularisation for all the problems we have in the world. Since the beginning of humanity, we’ve had problems – it’s really nothing new. All you have to do is … Continue reading

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A Reminder For This Year

TweetThis year I am going to do more: Writing Singing Painting Baking And generally: 2012 has taught me the importance of stopping and just being in the moment. It’s hard to do that with a device glued to your hand … Continue reading

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