Honey and Mustard Roast Ham

Not too long ago I watched a documentary about supermarket ham and other processed meats here in the UK. We eat a lot of ham in our house, mainly on toast or sandwiches. But not only is it relatively quite expensive (10 slices of pre-packed and sliced ham for £3), it’s also pumped full of salt and water and other things. Not good.

So Instead of buying 10 slices of ham for £3 from Sainsbury’s, which usually lasts us just over a week, I bought a gammon joint which hopefully will be a) tastier, b) healthier and c) go much further. Plus there’s nothing quite like cooking your own honey and mustard roast ham.

First I put the joint in a heavy based saucepan and covered it with water, adding to it some onions, carrots and peppercorns. I brought it to the boil and then reduced to a simmer for about an hour. I then removed the gammon, set it on a roasting tray and slathered it with honey and mustard. After an hour in the oven, I let it cool down before carving and storing in an airtight container in the fridge. It’s especially delicious as a snack with a few drops of tabasco sauce.

honey and mustard roasted ham

And whatever you do, do not throw away the water used for simmering! This, along with the onions and carrots, is perfect stock. I like to use it for pea and ham soup (post coming soon).

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