Roasted Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup

It’s October and the nights are drawing in… which means it’s time to start making all those delicious, comforting and warming meals that make you go nom, nom, nom (for those of you who aren’t aware, that’s the official term used for when something is truly scrummy).

So last night, I thought it was finally time to put that buttner squash I’ve had squirrelled away in my cupboard for months to good use. Cue: roasted butternut squash and sweet potato soup.  Here’s the recipe:

Leaving the skin on, I cut the squash in half length ways, and again into quarters. I did the same with two sweet potatos, seasoned with salt and pepper, and drizzled with some good olive oil before popping in the oven to roast for about 20-25 minutes. Unfortunately I didn’t have any garlic (this in itself is a rare thing!), otherwise I would have added a few cloves into the mix too.

Meanwhile I peeled and chopped two white potatos and put them on the hob to boil.  Once the roasted vegetables were soft, I scooped out the flesh and added to the boiling pan along with one Knorr chicken stock pot.

And now for the kick. Whilst bubbling away, I added some additional spices: black pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper and cinnamon.  Once it was all cooked, I whizzed it up with a hand blender until it was velvety smooth.

With a dollop of creme fraiche and a warm hunk of crusty bread, it’s perfection:

roasted butternut squash and sweet potato soup

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