A Bit About Me

Name: Cassandra (Faria) Naidoo

Height: Not so much.

Star sign: Pisces.  The most emotional sign of the zodiac, apparently.

Likes: Writing about things, musicals, baking, watching thought-provoking films like Requiem for a Dream, watching happy films like The Incredibles, singing along to power ballads in my car (alone!), collecting shells, feeling like I’m being creative.  And lots of other stuff too.

Dislikes: Gherkins (particularly in my cheeseburger), know-it-alls who don’t know it all, sports (I can’t catch. Or throw), crumbs, Big Brother, commuting, agents (be it of the estate or recruitment variety) and people who constantly update their Facebook status with meaningful quotes and positive affirmations.

Good old disclaimer: Probs should mention that all views on this blog are mine and mine alone.

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