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Should I Keep My Name?

TweetYou might have noticed that I’m quite interested in concepts of identity. In 5 months time, I’m getting married. So along with being cultural confused, I now I have to decide what to do about my name. I’ve got a … Continue reading

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Young and Indian and On The Telly

TweetI have to say, I was pretty excited when Frieda Pinto recently became a L’Oreal girl. At last, an Indian girl on mainstream advertising!  I think it’s safe to label that: progress. As a young (culturally confused) British Indian whose … Continue reading

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Irritation to Inspiration

TweetUp until last week, every time Susan Ma appeared on my television I had to resist the urge to punch the screen (I look friendly, but I have a lot of rage. I also have spaghetti arms. Probably a good … Continue reading

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For Neda

TweetA few days ago I watched For Neda. It’s powerful, shocking, harrowing and tragic, and I can’t stop thinking about it. Just over a year ago a young Iranian girl, Neda, was shot during a protest against the presidential election. … Continue reading

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